The future of
digital medicine

mementor develops scientifically based health applications in sleep medicine.


somnio is a digital application for the treatment of insomnia.

Based on cognitive behavioral therapy, the most effective techniques for the treatment of insomnia are applied in a fully automated and personalised sleep training.

"Besser schlafen ist super, dann kann man nämlich besser schlafen"​

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Schöbel

Based on science

The content of mementor health applications is based on scientifically thoroughly investigated treatment techniques.

The effectiveness of the products has been proven in clinical studies with the highest scientific standards (randomised controlled trials).


Better sleep with high tech?

The Swiss knowledge magazine Einstein has published a segment on the subject of digitalization in the area of sleep disorders. The sleep training of mementor

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Healthy Hub

More than 70 digital health companies with almost 80 different use cases applied for the second Healthy Hub competition. mementor is one of the lucky

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Medica 2019

This year our team was represented at Medica, the largest international medical trade fair in Düsseldorf. As the winner of the 1st Prize of Health

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